Helion: HP’s OpenStack Distro – Download Available

Helion is born!

It’s been 2 years since HP announce it would launch a public cloud based on OpenStack ™. Their public cloud (now called HP Helion Public Cloud) went GA in late 2012. Since then, HP has run its public cloud on multiple iterations of OpenStack, gaining a ton of operational know-how. Today HP announced its first OpenStack distro called HP Helion OpenStack Community Edition. The Community Edition is a pure OpenStack distribution that has been been wrapped in an HP installer to make it easy for you to download & install.  This announcement is great news for anyone looking to try the latest version of OpenStack (the current version is based on Icehouse, the 9th OpenStack release). But don’t expect to run an enterprise grade cloud on it. That option will come later when HP releases its commercial edition of Helion.

So what can you do with the Community Edition? The Community Edition is free to download and use. So it’s great for education, proof of concepts, dev and test, and relatively small production workloads. And it is continuously updated and tested by HP on 30 nodes. Anyone using this free distro will get tested updates every six weeks or so. And if you buy support, HP will help you manage those updates. Beyond that, if you need to run a large production cloud, HP recommends you use its enhanced commercial edition which will target global enterprises and service providers when it is released.

Tomorrow at noon (12pm Pacific time), I will be participating in an online chat with Sriram (the Cloud Don) and some folks from HP. Please join us as we discuss Helion, the first OpenStack distribution by HP for its customers and everyone else in the open source community. And if you feel like trying OpenStack, a freshly baked version of Helion is waiting for you to download right here!





CloudCamp Social Good Hackathon

Margaret Dawson, a long time CloudCamp supporter, brought me into HP Cloud where I’ve been consulting for 6 months. My first task was to find the best way for HP Public Cloud to engage with developers. We all agreed a hackathon would fit HP’s interest in engaging directly with developers and innovators. Intel joined as a sponsor and will be showing off their HTML5 tools. Other partners such as ActiveState & SendGrid will be sharing their tools & APIs as well. More importantly, the theme we chose is “Social Good Hackathon” which has created an atmosphere of working together and is turning out to be the best Hackathon theme ever!

The Hackathon begins at 7pm at the Impact Hub SF. We couldn’t have come this far without HP, Intel & the folks at BeMyApp who have been inspiring groups all over the SF Bay Area and beyond. Some participants are flying up from LA. There are a whole bunch of social innovators who will be inspiring developers & designers with their passion. And local CloudCamp peeps will be helping participants get their apps ready to deploy in the Cloud. You can find out more at http://cloudcamp.beymapp.com. It’s about to get busy, so I’ll keep this short. But I’ll post more as the weekend proceeds.

PS. A special shout out to Janette Hausler & Karen Louie who have poured themselves into preparing for this event. Let the fun begin!

23 Web Development Tools for the Mac

23 Essential Tools For Web Development on a Mac

Marketing to Web 2.0 Developers

Tonight I’m giving a presentation at SDForum on “Marketing to Web 2.0 Developers“. This will be a modified version of my “New Generation of Platform Developers” presentation I gave at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference in April.

PayPal-enabled Commerce Starter Kit v2 Beta

The much anticipated Beta 2 of the PayPal-enabled Commerce Starter Kit is about to launch. Just in time for the eBay/PayPal Developer Conference on June 10th in Las Vegas. Version 2 has many new selling features as well as some extensibility for providers such as State Sales Tax and Customer Address Verification.

PayPal Web Controls for ASP.NET: Part 2

Paul Kimmel finished his two-part DevSource article by explaining how to use the PayPal Web Controls for ASP.NET to create a Storefront. The first article gives a great Intro to the PayPal Developer Sandbox.

Indexed by Google Print

While doing a Google search for ‘PayPal Hacks’, I found that the book has been indexed by the Google Print service. So now anyone can search some of the text of PayPal Hacks online.

For example, doing a search for “will you marry me” returns the page in the Acknowledgements section where I proposed to my fiance! You can try it here yourself, here … Search PayPal Hacks.