Sushi leads to codename Mr. Roboto

I’ve been consulting for NorthScale. They’re using their experience with memcached and other open source projects to solve some of those ’scale-out’ problems that websites have.  Steve, Dustin, Matt, Rod, Patrick & Sally are super smart. I learn something new every day. My role is to help get feedback from the developer community – something I thoroughly enjoy.

We’re also having a lot of fun. The other day while having lunch at a sushi restaurant, I explained why I think the most well-known Japanese phrase in America is … “domo arigato Mr. Roboto”. Of course it was immortalized by the band Styx in the early 80’s. But I used Kunio Kato’s Acadamy Award acceptance speech as an example of how popular it is even today (the end of the video is priceless). The next day, we get an email from Steve announcing that “mr roboto” will be the codename for the NorthScale “instrumented” memcached AMI.

I wonder how many other code names come from jokin’ around during lunch.